Guitar Tricks

Would you like to learn the guitar? At Guitar Tricks you can get access to over 144 guitar instructors who will personally guide you through video instruction in the basics, and many different styles, from folk, blues, and rock, to classical, jazz, and world music. GT has 'Jam' tracks to help you learn improvisation. GT also has a growing selection of songs you can learn. For a low monthly investment you can quickly master the guitar and improve your English at the same time.

Ebay Power Selling Course

All the information you need to sell and make money on eBay – for free! Making money on eBay is easier than most people think. In this free course the author reveals all the secrets of eBay's elite PowerSellers and show you how to make money on eBay every day. All you need to do to get started is click on link below and get started.

Language 101 Courses

PowerSellerLanguage 101 offers very effective and pleasant ways to learn foreign languages. Some languages offered are: French, German, Spanish, Danish, Irish, Canadian French, and Russian. Courses are taught in English. So, you can master your ENGLISH while learning another language! You can learn more by going to the following site.

MIT Free Courses

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. MIT OpenCourseWare is a free publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.

  • OCW is not an MIT education.
  • OCW does not grant degrees or certificates.
  • OCW does not provide access to MIT faculty.
  • Materials may not reflect entire content of the course.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a publication of the course materials that support the dynamic classroom interactions of an MIT education. However, you can and should work through the materials at your own pace, and in whatever manner you desire. To see the MIT courses available click on the link below.


eLearn UK is one of the largest online learning colleges in the world. ElearnUK offers an extensive selection of distance learning courses with over 600 home study courses available. These distance learning courses are available to students worldwide. You can choose to study courses via the traditional postal system, or our online distance learning courses. Most courses cost around 30,000-40,000 Yen but they have an 'online savings plan' that will save you money if you order more than one course at a time.

Some Popular Courses

Anatomy & Physiology

Beauty Therapist

Child Psychology Level 4

Counseling Skills

Diet and Nutrition Advisor

Foot Health Practitioner + 5 Clinic Days Training

Life Skills Coaching


Nail Technician - Professional



Holistic Massage

Mindfulness and Counseling Skills

Gym Instructor

Financial Services

Dog Grooming

California Institute of Integral Studies

For more than 40 years, California Institute of Integral Studies has pioneered a unique educational vision. This school offers seventeen leading-edge graduate programs and an undergraduate program that attract passionate learners and international renown. Small in size, the instructors are able to easily provide students with personal attention. Below are their online programs.

Online Degree Programs

MA in Transformative Leadership

PhD in Transformative Studies

Learn more about CIIS here:

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


AOS Degree in Holistic Healthcare:

Concentration in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology


Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner


Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Life Coaching




Business Development & Entrepreneurship


Life Coaching

Toe Reading & Reflexology

To learn more about SWIHA click on the link below:

Ashworth College

Online Learning from an Education Leader

Ashworth College is a respected worldwide leader in comprehensive, nationally accredited online education.

Career-Relevant, Flexible Programs

With over 100 flexible, lifestyle friendly education programs, Ashworth gives you the freedom to learn when, where and how you want. That means you set the pace of study, schedule and deadlines. And tutorial guidance is always just a click away.


When it comes to your education, we know that accreditation is among your top concerns. Ashworth's accreditation is your assurance of receiving a high quality education and a learning experience that is comparable to what you would receive in a traditional college or university.


eCornell is a subsidiary of Cornell University and provides online professional and executive development to students around the world. eCornell offers more than 20 award-winning online certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines:

  • Leadership & Strategic Management
  • Management & Supervisory Skills
  • Human Resources Management
  • Hospitality & Foodservice Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Project Leadership & Systems Design

This school is an elite institution and to complete the Human Resources Management, for example, the fees would be around $14,000. We would suggest a strong English ability to complete eCornell courses. Courses are self-paced and 100% online and are "instructor-facilitated" to help guide students and keep the focus on practical, on-the-job, real-world applications to challenge the learner.

Stratford Career Institute

Stratford offers more than 60 career training courses in some of today's hottest career fields. Getting a high school diploma, might be a good place to start to improve your English. Then you can train for a new career, enhance your current skills, or choose to then move on to University level online study. 

Stratford's home study career training programs can lead to increased earning potential, better job opportunities, and a more secure future - all at an affordable price.


Most Popular Courses

High School Diploma Accounting
Business Management Medical Billing Specialist
Medical Office Assistant Psychology/Social Work
Veterinary Assistant

To learn more about SCI go to:

California Institute for Human Science

In the age of high speed Internet, you do not come to CIHS. CIHS comes to you. Earn a high-quality education in the comfort of your home. Imagine… No traffic jams. No relocation. No strict class schedules.

The same CIHS courses offered online every quarter are also taught on campus. Distance learning students and on-campus students follow the same quarter schedule, have the same deadlines, course requirements and instructors, do the same class readings, share the same virtual classroom on the web where they can exchange emails and comments and post their blogs, discussion forums, videos, field trip reports and pictures, and academic papers.

The opportunity for interacting with local students is what makes CIHS online education unique and fun. Both local and online students immensely profit from this interaction. CIHS Distance Learning is not a correspondence course or diploma;. It is an opportunity for non-local students to have a transformational experience and earn a professional degree from a school that is pioneering research in the fields of integral studies, energy medicine, and consciousness expansion.

CIHS Online Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies

M.A. in General Psychology

M.A. of Arts in Life Physics

M.A. of Arts in Integral Health

M.A. of Arts in Comparative Religion and Philosophy

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. in Integral Health

Ph.D. in Life Physics

To learn more about CIHS go to:

Heritage Institute

The Heritage Institute offers distance and online continuing education courses directed at Kindergarten to Grade 12 teachers may be used for professional development, salary enhancement or to maintain teaching certificates.

All Heritage Institute courses are offered for Antioch University quarter credits (3 quarter credits = 2 semester credits).

Courses are self-paced and start any time. While you have up to one year to complete, most courses can be finished in 2-3 months or less.

Everglades University

Students enrolled in Everglades University’s degree programs have easy access to the latest educational delivery methods. Courses are taken on the Internet, from your home, the office or any convenient location at a time that fits your schedule.

The courses are designed by qualified faculty and staff to create an interesting, interactive learning environment. The virtual classroom is comfortable, and courses can be taken easily by anyone with access to the World Wide Web.

Lesson plans, assignments, and class schedules are posted , while student/instructor interaction and student/student interaction also occur over the Internet. Scheduled discussions, email messages, live chats, and group discussions are a few of the opportunities for interacting during your course.

Graduates of the degree programs earn the same course credits and degrees as those students who complete equivalent courses and programs on campus.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Alternative Medicine

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Alternative and Renewable Energy Management

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Construction Management

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Business Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Applied Management

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Aviation Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Aviation Management

Graduate Degree Programs

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Master's Degree in Aviation Science

Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship

To learn more about Everglades University visit: