General FAQ

Can taking online courses earn credit towards a degree?

In most cases, yes. However, each university decides what transfer credits it will accept. You will need to contact the university you are considering to determine whether your credits are transferable.

What English language requirements are needed?

Some schools require a minimum of TOFL score of 450. However, for many non-credit courses there is no requirement. Of course the higher your TOEFL score the easier your study will be.

What programs are in place, such as ESL, so students might have access to a broader curriculum?

We plan to make available several free and fee based options to help students improve their English level if needed.

What type of computer is required to study online?

Any PC or Mac computer is fine for most courses.

What computer programs are needed?

Normally, special computer programs are not necessary unless the course specifically involves learning a particular program.

Is there anything special required to begin studies?

If you have an internet connection that is all you need.

When are classes held? Are classes held at a specific time?

You can take classes anytime that is convenient for you.

How are classes held? Are there video presentations or are classes reading based?

Most classes are in written form but it can vary depending on the class and the teacher.

Who can take classes online?

Anyone over the age of 18 (with the permission of the co-ordinators high school students may be permitted to study on a case by case basis) can take courses. However, a TOEFL score of 450 points is required.

How can I improve my English skills? Do you offer any English courses?

Basically we leave this up to the individual to find appropriate schools and teachers that will help you improve your English. We do offer some advice on where you can study and show you where to find free and paid TOEFL training on the net. Click here for more information.

Click HERE to review some of our recommended online learning options.