Why Study Online_Eng

Why Study Online?

  • Online learning is generally less expensive and more flexible than having to travel to study. For Japanese students wanting to study overseas it is particularly affordable and convenient once the English language barrier is overcome.
  • Online learning enables you to study in comfort of your own home and provides you with the flexibility to study where you are and whenever you can fit it in to your own schedule.
  • There is no need to travel overseas or commute anywhere and incur unknown living expenses.
  • Online learning also allows you to progress at your own pace.
  • Online learning enhances your learning potential by receiving personal support from qualified teachers specialized in the field you are studying.
  • Online learning allows you to access all your study materials, tutors and fellow students wherever you are and whenever you choose!
  • Online learning is totally interactive with fast, if not immediate, correction of your exercises.
  • Online learning includes additional opportunities for interaction by email, discussion boards, and chat rooms.
  • Online learning enables you to communicate with your personal tutor regularly thereby enhancing your learning experience.

For Japanese students online learning provides a great opportunity to improve English comprehension in a very competitive job market where more and more companies are seeking employees with high degrees of English literacy.